Ida Sophia considers a hypothetical concerning the the next phase of the departed journey. Does dialogue exist ‘up there’; in nirvana, the next world, the hereafter? - what (perhaps) does that sound like and are we heard when we address it?

If the first law of thermodynamics states that:

the total energy of an isolated system [i.e: the body] is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed [in death].

Then, it is hypothesised that a departed souls’ energy remains, causing a line of connection/communication to remain open.

Upon entering, the viewer approaches an assemblage of pairs of hovering faces. Parent to child. Lover to Lover. Sibling to Sibling. Friend to Friend. Enemy to Foe. Artist to Artist. Beneath delicate folds of fabric, the ambiguous human faces are positioned in dialogue with one another amongst a cacophony of noise. The imagined sound scape is representational of departed souls dialogue, of their energetic unity which surpasses the physical mode of plain language in the next world.

In the centre of the room, a set of 8 masks are turned to look outward. The sphere of faces invite the viewer to approach and begin dialogue with them. Features come into recognisable focus and the moment to communicate with your departed has arrived. In speaking to those we have lost, a space for acceptance of their absence is created and a connection formed back to them. The words spoken to the representational masks are absorbed, seemingly distorted, and translated back into the sound scape dialogue. Speak your grievances and final thoughts, your missings and missgivings, your promises pledged, kept and broken. Here, there is transparency with the phenomenon of feeling presence.

Speak with them, they are listening. 

Departed Dialogues