Within the frame, I have built images depicting a time one thousand years the future, 30 generations. Images that talk about our current destruction of the earth, Images that muse on how we may rectify our actions for future generations, in particular, the availability of exotic fruit. 
Each portrait depicts a person of stature bearing a fruit. Each person within that portrait represents a dynastic family charged with being the protector, cultivator and provider of the fruit for the benefit of all people. The expressions are, however, pompous and regal. The intention was to show the natural hierarchal nature of humans. How status can be manipulated ultimately mistreated. They’re important figures, and they know it. 
The images reference the sumptuousness of the Renaissance and the tendency to include fruit within the painted portrait, symbolising wealth and status during the period. Drawing on this stylistic foundation and paying close attention to colour relationships, the resulting images are opulent, symbolically charged and speak to issues we may face due to our current actions against our natural resources.